Dispose My Meds

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Amity Road Pharmacy is participating in Dispose My Meds, which is a program that strives to properly dispose of unwanted medications. Any pharmaceutical can be accepted except for controlled substances, syringes, thermometers and liquids over 4 ounces. All medications will be sent to a facililty in Texas that has been in use for 15 years and is monitored and permitted to handle pharmaceutical waste in a responsible and environmentally sound manner. It is estimated that 250 million pounds of unused medications are improperly disposed of each year, with the following results:

  • Environmental-a 2008 Associated Press Investigation discovered a wide array of pharmaceuticals detected in the drinking water supplies of 24 major metropolitan areas, affecting 41 million Americans. Pharmaceuticals in the water are also disrupting aquatic ecosystems and organisms
  • Accidental ingestion by elderly, children and pets. Did you know that…..is enough to kill a dog?

Prescription Medication Abuse-The Partnership at Drugfree.org reports that every day there are 2, 500 teenagers using a prescription medication to get high for the first time and with the exception of marijuana, teens are abusing prescription medications more than any illicit drug.

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