Medication Management Services

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Amity Road Pharmacy offers medication management services and specialized packaging to help minimize or prevent adverse effects, interactions, costs and waste.

Medication management consists of a sit down meeting with the pharmacist to review all medications at no cost to the patient.

Some examples of things that are covered in the review when appropriate are:

  • Understanding the importance or need for a new medication
  • Blood pressure check to help monitor effectiveness of medication and understanding use of the blood pressure machine
  • Discuss reasons for late refills, whether it is a matter of just forgetting, cost or adverse effect and help patient resolve the issue
  • Recommend less costly medications that are just as effective as more expensive medications
  • Discuss preventative health care strategies like vaccinations, health screenings, and lifestyle modifications to limit future medical conditions.

Specialized packaging or “bubble packs” can simplify a complicated medication regimen. Individuals who have trouble remembering to take their medicine, or caregivers who want to assist them, will benefit from organizing pills in bubble packs. Medications can be packaged according to dose, for example, morning pills are packed together in one “bubble” as are noon, evening and bedtime pills, or each medication can be bubble packed in its own individual card. We can automatically fill your bubble packs on a routine schedule and have them prepared for you when you need them.

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